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Our Breakfast...A warm hearty breakfast to start the day . . .



Here at Elberry Farm B&B we’re always ready to make sure you’re full and raring to go for your days out. We’ve got a superb hot and cold menu with a plethora of good hearty food to include.


• The Farm Breakfast •

An Elberry Farm FREE Range Egg,

Bacon / Sausage / Mushrooms / Tomatoes

Fried Bread or Sautéed Potatoes,

Scrambled / Poached and Boiled eggs also available.

(Baked Beans available on request)

Cereals ranging from:

Cornflakes / Rice Krispies / Bran Flakes / Alpen Muesli / Weetabix.
Porridge (on request)

• A Fresh fruit salad •

Made up of mixed berries fresh from the Elberry B&B Garden,

Pineapple / Mango / Strawberries / Grapes & Kiwi.

A selection of flavoured & Natural Yoghurts.

• Hot Drinks •

Various teas (Herbal & Fruit & DeCaf)

Hot Ground Bean Cafetiere / DeCaf / Hot Chocolate.

• Toast •

with a selection of Raspberry/Strawberry Jam and or Orange Marmalade.

White / Brown / Wholegrain / Seeded breads served with butter.

(Gluten free bread also available on request)

We also have a variety of additional condiments such as:

Nutella / Marmite / Honey / Syrup / Peanut Butter.




Allergies & Intolerances

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity please let us know before you order your food and we’ll be able to suggest the best dishes for you.

Please note:
Our dishes are prepared in areas where allergenic ingredients are present so we cannot guarantee that our dishes are 100% free of these ingredients.